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5 Reason Why SMS Marketing is Better than E-mail Marketing

Engagement Opportunity :

60% of people in the world own a mobile phone compared with 40% who have access to the internet.

Now, If you go with only Email marketing that means you are losing that 20% Engagement opportunity.
That Means,
SMS marketing helps you to get more reach and more engagement compare to Email marketing.
And with More Engagement you will get more business and that defiantly boost your business PROFIT.
SMS is faster than EMAIL :
Let’s say you want to give information about the weekend offer but you are running out of time.
If you go with Email to promote your offer that means only 26% people will open your email and only 6% will respond.
If you go with SMS you will get more than 95% of the open rate with more than 40% response.

That is why SMS is still King in a matter of conversion ratio.

SMS is Time-Saving:
SMS Marketing is not just affordable but it saves your time too.
With character limitation, you cut the long story short and hit the target right away.
But, In Email marketing, you have to create long drafts and design your email to get a response and this process very time-consuming compared to SMS marketing.
Email Marketing is not just time-consuming but it demands other skills too, to get it done the whole process.
Like, you need a graphic designer to design your email and copywriter to write fruitful and engaging content.
But, In SMS marketing all you need to create 160 characters and you are all set to kick-start your SMS campaign.
You Can track SMS with ease :
Most SMS service Provider gives you simple delivery reporting.
But,  the top players in SMS marketing will not only tell you when your messages have been sent successfully but will also provide you with details on who, what and when links have been clicked ensuring you get the most from your campaigns.
In email marketing to track all email is very lengthy and also a time-consuming task.
But, In SMS you can do it with ease.

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Less SPAM:
In Email marketing, there is a high possibility of your email treated as spam.
That is why SMS marketing is best. In SMS marketing there no such Spam box exists.
And, this is plus point of SMS marketing. That is why SMS open rate is higher than any other marketing method.
That’s it. Feel free to post your feedback.
If, you are looking for bulk SMS service in India Contact on 9979524323 NOW.

SMS Marketing guides

How Real Estate Industry is leveraging the power of tracking based SMS Marketing?

Did you know that SMS marketing has one of the highest open and conversion rates than any other campaigns?

Even though most brands associate a negative vibe to SMS based marketing, it is the only form of marketing that has a 99% open rate according to studies. And the best part is that in 43% of the cases of campaigns, a response is achieved in the first 15 minutes of sending out the campaign.

These tempting facts make for a convincing case for players in the real estate sector to take note of the importance of using Bulk SMS marketing services.

The primary reason being that Real Estate marketing campaigns always have exclusive targets and they demand qualified leads in short time span because more their inventory stays unsold, more will be the price depreciation.

So how does bulk SMS marketing work for the real estate industry?

There are numbers of outstanding features that modern day bulk SMS systems bring into the picture. And these would particularly be of interest to real estate sector organizations as it helps them to improve their marketing efforts and achieve sales targets. Here are some of the key features that enable real estate players to sell better with SMS marketing systems.

Campaign Schedulers:
SMS systems allow you to easily schedule multiple campaigns that can be run on the same group of prospective customers or on a different set of customer contacts simultaneously.
You might have heard similar features in email campaign tools but today these facilities are available even in SMS systems. You can schedule the time and dates for running campaigns depending on seasonal and festive calendars.
Since SMS’s focus on very less text because of character constraints, it is quite easy to set up in a short time frame as well. You don’t have to plan and execute the content creation schedule in advance as even real-time campaigns can be fired.

Smarter URLs
The SMS’s allow text to be appended with smart URL’s that can offer real-time tracking of receiver engagement in addition to directing readers to optimized landing pages where more product and service information can be organized and displayed. With geo-tagging and many more properties, it is easier to identify facts such as areas where your messages have more prominence and better reach. This info is vital for further campaign plannings and brand positioning.

Auto Response
Bulk SMS systems can be configured to be autonomous systems and aid in customer info collection. You can send out a series of messages which collect responses in the form of text or numbers that indicate customer’s choices. In other words, it allows for more targeted surveying of your customers to gain more valuable information about them. These preferences can be loaded into your CRM system to enable agents to contact customers directly with richer information to guide their conversations.

Building Customer Databases
With more auto response enabled conversations through SMS systems, it is easier to build a list of buyers who are more likely to buy or rent a property from you based on their responses. Each SMS can be associated to particular executives and he or she can engage with prospective customers in real time to further nurture their interest into a buying decision.

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Detailed Reports:
It is easier to track open rates and responses made with smart SMS systems and you can visualize information collected in elaborate details with facts and figures.

Such a deep insight discovery is important to fuel further decisions at managerial level and also allows players to test different marketing and promotional offers for the same class of properties to see which has higher response indicated by more URL clicks.

Cool, so what benefits do these advanced features bring for real estate players?
There are numerous factors that would attract key real estate and property agents to utilize SMS marketing services to improve their overall ROI in marketing efforts. Let us have a look at 5 key benefits real estate businesses can derive if they utilize an efficient Bulk SMS marketing service for their promotions.

Lowered Cost of Marketing:
While an average field executive will demand anywhere close to a minimum of Rs 30000 to Rs 40000 in a metro city per month, an SMS marketing system enables you to communicate the same info as a marketing personnel would with one-tenth the cost involved and besides maintaining a lower workforce in the long run because these systems can be easily automated and scheduled.

Improved visibility of products and services:
Be it selling property or offering assisted premium services, real estate players can utilize SMS based marketing to propagate more targeted campaign messages that have more chances of being read by prospective buyers.

Once a clear database of customers or potential customers are obtained, sending in a tailored message for a customer group can offer greater responses than when you conduct an email campaign or any other digital or physical marketing efforts.

Better response rates:
As we mentioned in the beginning, SMS marketing has been proven worldwide to offer much better open rates than any other planned campaigns. If you are finding it hard to believe, it only takes a minute to check your phone’s inboxes to see how many unread messages you have in the SMS folder.

It will be a bare minimum or many a times there will not be any messages. Around 5 or 6 years ago, there weren’t digital alternatives like WhatsApp or the various internet powered Instant Messenger platforms and people used to have chat conversations via SMS.

Today people have a natural tendency to open phone SMS’s mainly because SMSes are mostly utilized only for important communication.

Shorter Content effort:
Every time you need to send an email campaign or prepare brochures, flyers, etc. the key challenge that props up is the need to prepare elaborate marketing collateral content.

It is a known fact that your potential buyer will only have a minute or so to spare for promotional content be it in their emails or when they get your marketing flyer or brochure in person. If they have to sweep through tons of text or get puzzled with too many visual elements, the interest factor goes down naturally.

The reason is that you are not narrowing down their experience to what is important – your property details in a snapshot. With SMS’s it is easy to create a short snapshot of your profile in around 100 characters and these characters are more than enough to ignite curiosity in buyers and trigger a response.

The response may either be a click on the attached URL in the SMS or a call back to the number associated with the SMS content or an inquiry over the web, all of which can be converted into sales deals in the near future.

Improved SEO traffic
Yes, you read that right! SMS marketing enables personal messages to have an URL attachment as well. This URL can be a customized landing page for your property wherein you can plan other targeted digital marketing activities.

Since SMS based URL’s have more click rate, they bring in more valuable prospective buyer traffic to your web properties and hence offer greater returns on your SEO efforts.

Are these benefits for real?
Just to give a quick fact check, Coca-Cola spends close to 75% of its mobile-centric marketing budget on bulk SMS marketing. Over 90 % of end consumers who have participated in an SMS based loyalty program have agreed that they derived some kind of value from the program.

With such benefits and high turn-around rates, it is quite a lucrative option for real estate players to give a shot with Bulk SMS systems. Feel free to let us know your thoughts about implementing an SMS based marketing system in your property business and our consultants will assist you in making the right decisions.

SMPP Gateway

SMPP Gateway provider India

SMPP Gateway is preferred for high volume SMS traffic between ESME and SMPP server. SMS termination through SMPP gateway requires one SMPP client at your application end to connect with remote SMPP Gateway (SMSC).
There are many SMPP gateway provider in India. Choosing the right one is difficult. Every SMPP gateway provider in India has there own terms and condition. The most difficult terms is monthly volume commitment. If you traffic is not very high initially but you still want to give your users a better experience in terms of faster delivery, then you do not have any choice but to find a good SMS agreegator who can offer you SMPP Gateway without any volume commitment.
At SMSLane, we always believe in empowering developer and re-seller community. With our experience of more than a decade, we have come with a ready use SMPP gateway API for developers and re-seller. Our technical team can help you with necessary integration in your existing application and you can leverage our SMPP gateway.
Our SMPP SMS Gateway API is widely used by Enterprises, SMS Aggregators , whole Sellers and agreegators to connect their Enterprise application or software to send Transactional and promotional Bulk SMS to their Clients all over the globe. It also supports sending of all kinds of SMS including concatenated SMS, binary SMS and Unicode messages.
Feature of our SMPP Gateway API

  • Support SMPP Version 3.4
  • Binds Mode Supported: Transmitter, Receiver & Transceiver
  • Multiple Sessions bind supported
  • Panel to view Live Traffic and Delivery Reports
  • Global SMS coverage
  • Support for Transactional and Promotional SMS
  • Powerful SMS Gateway with high throughput
  • Secure and Reliable Routes/Gateways

Why choosing SMSLane as your SMPP Gateway?

  • More than 10 Years of experience in messaging solution
  • Proprietor technology with scalable SMS Gateway
  • Mutiple Operator Connectivity for redundancy and faster delivery
  • Load Balancing capability for maximum up-time
  • Transparent billing
  • 365 days of support

Call us today at 9979524323 to discuss your requirement.

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Save 400% by using SMART SMS url tracking

Post demonetization, every one seems to have entered in default savings mode in India. At SMSLane, we have also come up with an innovative feature which will not only give you better insight on your campaign, but will also save SMS marketing campaign cost by 400%.

Before we leverage the power of SMART SMS, lets first understand what exactly SMART SMS is and how it works. SMSLane has redefined its original SMART url messaging solution with wider reporting feature and data profiling. Our data rich GUI based reporting helps you measure the 360 degree response of your campaign. Biggest advantage of SMART SMS campaign is its ability to connect with your leads in real-time using our unique URL tracking algorithm. Lead generated using this feature is forwarded to a predefined field executive or inside sales team via SMS.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is Smart URL or Smart Link

A. Smart URL or Smart link is a unique tiny url which is generated by our system based on any long URL. This helps saving character count in a message.

Q. How Smart URL is different from Google or Twitter url shortening service?

A. Usually Google or Twitter url service is used for your entire SMS campaign. This URL remains same for every SMS body in your campaign. Such url shortening service can only tell you, how many people clicked on link, but it can not determine who has clicked on the link.

Our Smart URL can precisely tell you who has clicked on the link at what time. You can also configure a trigger SMS to alert your field executive/inside sales team to contact that lead in real-time.

Q. How does it saves my cost?

As there is no tracking  tool available in SMS like email to profile our data. We are left with no choice other than to keep  sending SMS campaign to same group of people. SMART SMS helps you buildup new list automatically whenever any customer interacts with your SMS.

After using Smart SMS, you can profile you data and effectively plan your next campaign to interested leads only.

This saves a lot of money and resource.

Q. Can I try it free of cost?

Yes, you can. Its available for all our premium users.

Q. I have few more question about this service.

You can reach us at our Hex Care number 9979524323

Technical Information

All New Support System – We Understand, We Help and We Care

Staying firm on its promise to provide clients dedicated support and help, SMSLane has developed all-new support system focused on quick and complete solution of the clients’ queries as well as problems. We feel glad to announce that recently updated support system is spontaneous, wise and logical enough to act, analysis and solve any sort of issue or query in a quick instance of time.
Below are the key elements of our updated support system:
Available 7 days a Week – The problem doesn’t come after invitation; it can come any day, anytime. Thus, we are available to offer support on all 7 days of a week. So, call us any day, anytime, we will help you up to the highest possible extent.
Expert @ Help – Our executives are thoroughly trained to offer dedicated help and support to the clients. They are capable of dealing with your every possible query or issue. Come to us with any logical problem or query, our executive will get it resolved in best possible time.
Patient Listening – Maintaining standard support decorum, our support executives maintain the habit of listening to the queries or issues of the clients with complete patience, which will allow you to elaborate your problem or query and to get the most appropriate solution in return.
Update – We have developed the mechanism to intimate the client on the progress made in handling the issue of the client after every short interval of time. Also, the clients will be confirmed on the complete solution of the problem.
Feedback – We will consider our-self in win situation only when we have satisfied clients. Thus, we would like to have feedback from you regarding your experience you had in using our service. Your feedback will help us to become better over and over again.
Our updated support system has been already brought into action. You can reach us @ and 9979524323. Looking forward to help YOU!

SMS Marketing guides

How SMS Marketing Helps To Grow Your Business


Why choose bulk sms for your business?

We all know that – the current era is technology-oriented. Thus, every business individual keeps his business connected with the technology to run it smooth constantly. If you will look at the global market closely, you will find that it relies much on the text messages when it comes to brand promotion, sharing the information and for online verification.

  • SMS for Brand Promotion:

When it comes to increasing the sales, branding needs to be done in a way that it can affect most of the targeted audience.

An SMS makes a direct reach to the customer. It explains everything to the targeted audience in a very simple yet effective way.

All a client needs to do is to read the text. No technical knowledge is required. Also, it takes mere seconds to read the message. If you try to reach the customers through a call, most of the calls may get dropped due to a hectic schedule of the individual.

Also, sometimes calling at some inconvenient time to the customers may turn them intrusive, whereas, SMS can be read by them in their free time.

Also, one may forget the things discussed overcall but SMS remain there in the inbox to remind them in case they forget.

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  • SMS for Exchange of Information:

It is very important in the business to share the relevant information with the customers and within the business departments.

SMS can be the best medium to carry and deliver such information. Also, it works as a proof that you have passed the information to the concerned department and the targeted audience at a proper time.

The customers generate faith in you if you remain in touch with them by providing useful information regarding the brand after every short interval of time.

  • SMS for Verification:

Every business is either online or planning to come online these days. Thus, it is important for them to have a quick verification procedure for the customers registering online.

Sending them the verification code through text message can be the most convenient way to reach them and to verify their identity.

SMS Marketing can work for a business individual in all above-mentioned scenarios. One must give it a try to have a feel and benefits of the best non-voice technology.

SMS Marketing guides

SMSLane launches SMART-SMS: Think beyond Delivery

The commercial market relies much on the mobile marketing when it comes to promotion and marketing of the brands. Till date, response of any mobile marketing campaign was measured based on Delivery report (DLR) returned by Telecom Operator. Subsequently, companies started using URL enriched text message in the form of tiny URL (third party URL shortening service) for campaign analytics. The responses were measured in such campaigns based on number of clicks made on embedded link(s) in text message. However, such tools could only tell you overall response of the campaign. Capabilities of further drilling down of clicks on who has clicked over the links are not possible. Thus, the campaigns fail to figure out the hot leads interested in their products and services.
To overcome this problem, SMSLane has moved a step further in terms of technology to come up with an effective solution in the form of SMART SMS. Now campaigns can reveal who has clicked on the unique URL embedded in the message and hot leads can be segregated for further use.
Previously, it was not possible to know about the users clicking on the URL as it remains the same in every message. SMSLane took the initiative to change the scenario, and came up with a solution where URL can be sent with a different algorithm to each user using our proprietary URL shortening service. Though we use different algorithm for each message in a campaign, however, the URL redirection, post click will take all the users on the same page. Our SMART algorithm tracks each associated mobile number individually.
This is not the first time when SMSLane has come up the revolutionary innovation in Mobile Marketing industry; take a dip in the pool of past, you will find – SMSLane is the first in the mobile marketing arena to come up with URL shortening service, to count the number of hits on the sent URL and many others. All these things together have worked in the favour of the clients to use the enterprise messaging service in much better conduct.
Our clients can now categorize the users on the basis of action performed by them, and can interact with them as per their category. This will contribute in better interaction with client, which will finally results in increased leads and profit margins.
Think beyond delivery; now track your users in real time using SMART SMS. It has been extended free of cost to all our existing SMSLane users. Login to and share your feedback on this new innovation.
Stay connected with SMSLane to receive more updates, features and innovations.

SMS Marketing guides

SMS Marketing – How it should be done?

In this article, you will know the how to do success full sms campaign.
To run a business smoothly, one must have an advanced approach and tendency to adopt the new changes quickly by foreseeing the advantages related to it.
To be at the top of your business sector does not mean that you need to try unique things but it is like doing the trending things differently. In the recent years, the mobile technology has completely influenced the commercial arena and has successfully overtaken it.
Thus, it is clear that one has to go to his targeted audience through a mobile phone, and when it comes to reaching cell phones, then nothing is impressive than SMS.
SMS seems to be very simple term as we receive many on regular basis, but to use the same for business purpose, you need to be very creative, informative and precise.
There is 3 main factor to win in SMS marketing described below.

  • Content Quality

The irony is most of the people shoot bulk messages to their customers and prospects without caring much about the content. There is no doubt about the effectiveness of the SMS marketing, but it can be directed on the right track only when the content of the message is appropriate and has ‘call to action’ factor.

  • Timing

Now, when you are up with the content of the message, now comes the ‘Time’ factor. Most of the people shoot the bulk messages in the noon time. But, it is the time when the clients remain busy with their own stuff.
Thus, most of the time message remains unread. It is suggestible to shoot the message campaign in non-productive hours. So, that the clients can read and can act upon the same.

  • Be Real

Finally comes being on the promise. Most of the business persons make fake promises in the content of the message and when it comes to facing the reality, the clients feel disappointed.
Try to be real in a content of the message. Try to fabricate your message in attractive words rather than imitating attractive cum false information.
Replicating the correct message among your customers is quite important as it also helps in generating their faith in your business.
Following the above-mentioned guidelines for SMS marketing may help you in getting better results from your targeted audience.

Learn more about SMS marketing strategy 

SMS Marketing guides

SMS Marketing – It’s Quick, It’s Effective

The corporate world does not hesitate in trying the ideas and the things that claim to offer benefits in a quick instance of time.
Most of the time such ideas or things fail to deliver what they promise, but it doesn’t happen in every case.
Today, I will be discussing a random case in which the innovative idea delivered more than it promised.
The last festival season when every business individuals were coming up with lucrative offers and discounts to the customers to attract them towards their businesses,
‘The Fancy Land’ garment shop owner took the help of SMS marketing to bring the customer to his shop.’
He designed a message campaign to address the existing customers and prospects.
The text message consisted of discount and a gift offer to every customer visiting and making a purchase on his shop till the festival day.
He aggressively shot the campaign on a weekend as he was sure more people will turn to his shop in the weekend.
To his surprise, the customers were much more than he expected and he was able to make a good profit in the festive season.
Post to that event, he sent a ‘Thank You’ message to every customer to acknowledge their purchase.
While other shopkeepers spent a lot-in banner, hoardings, and brochures, Vinay – Owner of ‘The Fancy Land’ keep the promotional campaign simple and adopted the technology to target the customers.
Here, people must understand that you should communicate with your targeted audience via the best possible and easy way.
Technology can assure you both the things and that too at very cost-effective rates. The mobile phone has become the most common thing in the life of the people.
Thus, whatever your business is, whatever your targeted audience is, the best possible way to communicate with them is SMS.
It is the demand of the time that every business person or entrepreneur should opt for SMS marketing not only to promote or advertise his products or services but also to offer help and support to existing clients.
In addition, it can be the best medium to inform the clients regarding their transaction and to deliver other important information.

SMS Marketing guides Technical Information

Set-Up Your Own SMPP System for Enterprise Messaging

Rakesh, an entrepreneur in North India, was fed up with the operator providing the enterprise messaging service.
It was the third time in a month when he has faced constant message failures, which was also affecting his business and brand promotion campaign. In addition, within a time span of less than a year and a half, the operator has increased the message rates for around 5 times or so.
Rakesh wanted to go for another operator, but it was all a hectic and complex task to migrate all the data successfully.
The above-mentioned case is just not a unique with Rakesh, but most of the business individuals face the same problem when it comes to enterprise messaging service.
The operators are very good at convincing the customers as they promise all good things to turn the prospects into customers. But, the real game of making money starts when a business individual completes a month with their service. Post to that, they come up with various hidden charges plus make the people suffer with high downtime of their system, which finally results in undelivered messages.
To overcome such problem and to get rid of this constant blackmail from operator’s side, one can have its own SMPP server. Yes, you heard it right. Now, you can have your own SMPP server dedicated to your system.
The dedicated SMPP server will clear the risks of downtime and also, you need not to pay extra bucks after every short span of time as the operator increases the message tariff in regular intervals.
SMPP server not only ensures quick delivery of the messages or very less downtime, but it is also reliable and provides higher throughput. In addition, your data remain safely stored in your system and you do not have to even worry about data migration (as it is a common case when you walk to a new provider). The cost of such set-up is low and it is also one-time investment.
Thus, it is always preferable to have your own SMPP server instead of getting the enterprise messaging services from provider/operator.