Long Code is basically used for receiving incoming SMS from any mobile device to your application. The biggest advantage of Long Number is it has global reach. Utilisation of long code has wide scope depending your need and requirement. Following are the few areas where long code is used

Lead Generation and capture
Receiving inquiries
Automating pull based information from database
Running a Quiz contets
Running a voting campaign
Scheduling a cron job
Sales force automation
Two way communication
Application automation
Mobile recharge system
Infromation pulling

Flow Chart
User types in his request for an information and sends it to our Long Code Number
This gets routed to the SMSC of user’s mobile service provider.
This Long code in the SMSC is mapped to SMSLanes’s SMS Application Server
The SMS Application server processes the request by retrieving the result from the Database Server
The result is then pushed back from the SMS Application Server to end user’s Mobile via the SMSC