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Set-Up Your Own SMPP System for Enterprise Messaging

Rakesh, an entrepreneur in North India, was fed up with the operator providing the enterprise messaging service.
It was the third time in a month when he has faced constant message failures, which was also affecting his business and brand promotion campaign. In addition, within a time span of less than a year and a half, the operator has increased the message rates for around 5 times or so.
Rakesh wanted to go for another operator, but it was all a hectic and complex task to migrate all the data successfully.
The above-mentioned case is just not a unique with Rakesh, but most of the business individuals face the same problem when it comes to enterprise messaging service.
The operators are very good at convincing the customers as they promise all good things to turn the prospects into customers. But, the real game of making money starts when a business individual completes a month with their service. Post to that, they come up with various hidden charges plus make the people suffer with high downtime of their system, which finally results in undelivered messages.
To overcome such problem and to get rid of this constant blackmail from operator’s side, one can have its own SMPP server. Yes, you heard it right. Now, you can have your own SMPP server dedicated to your system.
The dedicated SMPP server will clear the risks of downtime and also, you need not to pay extra bucks after every short span of time as the operator increases the message tariff in regular intervals.
SMPP server not only ensures quick delivery of the messages or very less downtime, but it is also reliable and provides higher throughput. In addition, your data remain safely stored in your system and you do not have to even worry about data migration (as it is a common case when you walk to a new provider). The cost of such set-up is low and it is also one-time investment.
Thus, it is always preferable to have your own SMPP server instead of getting the enterprise messaging services from provider/operator.