SMSLane has redefined its original SMART URL messaging solution with wider reporting feature and data profiling. Data rich GUI based reporting not only helps you measure the response, but also enables you to connect your leads in real-time with our unique URL tracking algorithm.

Here we have created few FAQ to understand how it works:

Q. What is Smart URL or Smart Link

A. Smart URL or Smart link is a unique tiny URL which is generated by our system based on any long URL. This helps saving character count in a message.

Q. How Smart URL is different from Google or Twitter URL shortening service?

Usually Google or Twitter URL service is used for your entire SMS campaign. This URL remains same for every SMS body in your campaign. Such URL shortening service can only tell you, how many people clicked on link, but it can not determine who has clicked on the link.

Our Smart URL can precisely tell you who has clicked on the link at what time. You can also configure a trigger to update your field executive to contact that lead in real-time.

Q. How does it saves my cost?

Usually we keep on sending SMS campaigns to same group of people from our Lead data. Since there is no engagement tool is available to profile our data based on clients interest, we are left with no choice keep wasting our money by sending every campaign to same group of people.

After using Smart Link, you can profile you data automatically and effectively plan your next campaign to interested leads only.

This saves a lot of money and resource.

Q. Can I try it free of cost?

Yes, you can. Its available for all our premium users.

Q. I have more question about this service.

You can reach us at our Hex Care number 026526708585

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