What is DLT?

DLT registration stands for “Distributed Ledger Technology” registration which businesses and entities involved in sending commercial communication messages, such as SMS or voice calls, register their sender IDs, headers, and content templates with telecom authorities or service providers

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released The Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2018 (Regulation) in July 2019 in its continuous endeavour to create a cleaner and transparent system in the India telecom industry and to curb Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC) along with enhance mobile subscriber policy and DLT is a part of this policy.

Why DLT Registration is mandatory for sending SMS in India?

DLT registration is implemented by TRAI in the month of June 2020. It prevents customers from Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC). It will restrict businesses from sending spontaneous messages and fraud calls to customers.

As per TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), India’s all business entities need to register with the DLT Portal. According to guidelines set by TRAI, DLT registrations are mandatory for sending bulk SMS across India.

Business Entities can not send SMS in India without DLT Registration.

What Documents You Need For DLT Registration.

  • GST Certificate
  • Proof Of Identity
  • Proof of Address
  • Authorization Letter 

Note: A letter on company’s letter head, where the Director or Owner of the Company will Authorize the person doing this Registration. In case the Director or Owner himself is doing this Registration, he needs to upload a document that shows he is the Director (MOA or GST).

Process for DLT Registration. 

(Don’t worry, if you do not have time to complete this yourself. Our account manager will provide you a complete handholding and even go extra mile to complete the registration on your behalf.)

Signup on DLT Platform “https://smartping.live/entity/signup/Indian” with All the Document and necessary information.

  • After compilation of signup , telecom operator will issue one Application Ref number And users can trace the registration status on “https://smartping.live/entity/check-status”
  • Telecom Operator is taking 24 to 48 hours time to Approve DLT Registration application and login credential is sent on users registered email id by Telecom operator.

Post activity After DLT Registration.

Login the DLT Portal and click on “Telemarketer” tab entered SMSLANE Global Private Limited Unique Registration ID: “1202162305600379879” and submit the request for approval.

Header (Sender ID) approval process.

  • Login the DLT Portal and click on “Header”
  • Click on New Header Fill the information along with OTP and submit for approval.
Important Note : Sender ID, also know as from address or originator address, must resemble with your company or brand name. For example,  if your Company Name is “Pitans Pvt Ltd” , a matching sender ID  could be “PITANS” in this case.  If  for any reason sender ID is not matching with registered company name then user have to provide relation proof between Sender ID and Company Name/brand  to claim that sender ID

SMS Template Approval process.

Every SMS will have a predefined format which is called SMS Template. Get these SMS Templates approved on DLT Platform.
While applying SMS Template on DLT Platform, kindly understand the below categories:
  • Service Implicit: All kinds of purely transactional SMS content should be registered here, like OTPs, Order Placement, Order Tracking, Passwords, etc.
  • Service Explicit: All kinds of promotional content should be registered here, like Discounts, Offers, New Launches, etc
  • Transactional: All kinds of OTPs that banks will require to complete the banking transactions should be registered here. This category shall be used only by Banks.

Post Activity on SMSLANE Portal After SMS Template & Header Registration.

  • Update the Registered Entity ID Under the My Profile and Click Mark on Is DLT Require and click on update My setting.
  • Sender ID & SMS Template Configuration process on SMSLANE Portal.
  • Click on Manage Sender ID , and Add All sender id which is approved on DLT Platform.
  • Click On “Manage Template and upload All the Template along with template ID.
Note : User will get template Id from DLT Portal , Do not upload SMS templates on SMSLANE Portal without template ID.( Click on “Active” button under the template tab on DLT Portal to get the template ID)