2 factor SMS authentication also know as 2F auth, provides an additional layer of security. OTP SMS makes it difficult for attackers and spammers to gain access to any online web accounts, because knowing victim’s password alone is not sufficient to pass the authentication process. Two-factor authentication has widely been used to control access any systems and data, and online services. An extra layers of authentication using an alternate communication channel such as Transaction SMS or OTP SMS is used to prevent any sensitive data from being accessed by hackers/spammers.

In a typical Two-factor setup it requires a temporary code generated sent to users phone in addition to a password that is required for login. Adding an extra layer of SMS based verification process to your login is certainly better than relying on a password alone.

SMSLane offers secure API to facilitate 2F authentication for any online application. Our secure API can seamlessly integrated in any application to make it more secure in real time.

2 Factor SMS authentication service configured on transactional SMS channel which works 24X7 and OTP SMS can be delivered on DND mobile numbers as well. 2 Factor authentication SMS can be pushed through a dedicated pipe based on requirement and delivery of such messages are ensured through fail over routing.

Our 2 Factor voice SMS authentication service (launching soon) is also a good alternative when multiple failed attempts are made for delivering OTP SMS. Voice OTP can also go along with SMS OTP service to give your user a better choice based on his need. Due to peak load during business hours, when SMS OTP may face some latency, Voice OTP is a good alternative.

SMSLane offers complete authentication tool kit for any online application or CRM to automate your authentication process and strengthen your security.

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