Bulk SMS Real Time Reporting


The world of marketing has been bombarded with the use of SMS as a tool for promotion in recent years. This strategy is slowly and steadily replacing email marketing as the option of marketers, as it is considered as far more customer-centric and efficient. Sending the messages in bulk is commonplace in the contemporary era but not all of those messages are delivered to the prospective customers. After sending these bulk messages you will be eager to know how many of them were delivered and how many bounced. With the help of real-time SMS reporting, you will be able to know the success & failure rate of the delivery of these messages. There are other features also which are attached to real-time SMS reporting. It is very important from a marketing point of view to know about the success of the delivery of messages to improve your system to attract more customers. If you are sending millions of promotional SMS and even if 10 % of them are not getting delivered then you are losing thousands of customers.