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Bulk SMS Service – How to choose agreegator for SMS Marketing in India

Growth of every business resolves around its marketing strategy. When it comes to plan your marketing strategy, first of all you need to find out who exactly your target audience is. As rightly said, people don’t plan to fail but they fail to plan.
Effective Data collection and Data mining are the two main ingredients which helps you to pitch your product and service in the market place in front of the right audience.
Once your target audience and market place is decided, you need an effective tool to reach out your prospective customers.
Bulk SMS is such a tool which has been in existence for last few years in the market. The major reason behind prominent MNC’s choosing bulk SMS as their preferred marketing tool due to exponential growth of mobile subscriber base in India.
Recent research shows that Bulk SMS marketing brings quick and effective response compared to other medium of communication. We at provide cloud based SMS marketing tool , where response of a campaign can be measured in real-time with few mouse clicks. Our Bulk SMS API can be integrated with any third party software/application/CRM/ERP for enhance data reporting and data analysis.
Bulk SMS service in India is gaining momentum day by day in the current market. Selecting a reliable bulk SMS gateway provider in India is a difficult task all together. Here are few questions you should always ask your bulk SMS service provider in India before going for a long term relationship.

  1. Are they connected with Telecom Operator / Aggregator through SMPP pipe
  2. What is their throughput  (Any  thing above 200 SMS per second is recommended)
  3. Does their service supports load balancing
  4. Do they provide real-time delivery report

We hope that the information shared above will help you planning and choosing the best bulk SMS service provider in India for your bulk SMS campaign.
Feel free to contact us at 9979524323 for cheap and reliable bulk SMS gateway. We also provide consultancy services on custom SMS integration for Two Way SMS communication.
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SMS Marketing guides

Thank you for choosing us your Bulk SMS Service Provider in India

At times, it becomes very difficult in choosing a Bulk SMS service provider specially in country like India, which is a very price sensitive market.

Every day a you will find a new entrant and simultaneously, there will be some one to bid farewell.

To start with, we feel that cheap SMS should not always taken as prime bargain tool. Although its one of the major factor, but at the end of the day service, redundancy,uptime, throughput and support does matter.

Being in this industry for more that 6 years, we have seen lot of gradual awareness and understanding by our users about the Bulk SMS industry (A2P applications) in terms of its utilisation, importance of technical infrastructure etc. Now people are well conversant with words like SenderID, Concatenated SMS, Two way SMS, Long Code (Virtual number ) , Short Code, SMPP etc.

Over the period of time, we have understood the requirement of our clients (more that 30,000), and always upgraded our-self with the changing pace of technology. Our Two way communication (Long code and short code) is the live example of our innovation towards our clients requirement.

We have always encouraged Developer community to take advantage of SMS communication into their application. We have created a separate Developer section consisting of HTTP API document, Sample codes for Sending SMS from various programming domain e.g , PHP, Java etc.

Our Toll Free SMS tool is an unique plugin developed for Non-techies , who want to tasted the flavour of SMS technology. This tool can be easily integrated in to any HTML based websites to collect inquires from website visitor to mobile phones in real time.

Our unique SMPP Client Tool specially developed to meet the requirement of our Enterprise clients. SMPP Client is used to push large quantity of traffic in a very short span of time. User can easily connect to SMPP server using this SMPP Client. SMPP protocol has its own advantage when it comes with the comparison with http protocol.

We are thankful to our clients for their valuable feedbacks from time to time. Its their feedback which helps us to keep our technology up do date.

Keep posting your valuable feedbacks !


Team SMSLane