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5 Reasons Why SMPP is Preferred Over http

We are living in the age of technical advancement, where we prefer to use the technology that delivers best possible results in short span of time. Same thing goes with enterprise messaging. Sending messages to the clients is crucial part of marketing, promotion and support section in the commercial sector. Thus, it demands for the system that can offer them secure, reliable and fast delivery of the messages to the customers. Where we have various methods available for enterprise messaging, most of the business individuals prefer Short Message Peer to Peer Protocol (SMPP) for the following reasons:

SMPP is quick – SMPP ensures quick delivery of the messages without fail. SMPP remain constantly connected to the server, which means it does not require validating the username and password to send the message which is a common case if we send the messages through HTTP API. It is an open source system originated for proper delivery of the messages.

SMPP is reliable – The main problem that business individual faces with enterprise messaging are -loads of messages remain undelivered to the client or get failed. Such issues do not arise when you send the messages through SMPP server.

Higher Throughput – Other messaging systems provide through put maximum up to 20messages/second. On other hand, through SMPP; one can send up to 1000messages/second.

Less Downtime – While other systems have greater downtime, with SMPP server downtime reduces to 1% which is quite low. Thus, business individuals do not face the risk associated with downtime or constant message failures.

Support Business Campaign – Through SMPP, a million messages can be sent successfully in a single day. With other methods or system, it is not possible to deliver such massive number of messages without errors. Hence, it completely supports the bulk message campaign held by the enterprises to promote their brand.