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How to run a SMS Quiz Contest – SMSLane.Com

As we alway say, Trend with Technology !, we really mean it.
Thanks to the SMS Long Code service. Now setting up a running a SMS Quiz contest is just a matter of Five minutes.  All you need to run a contest is a Keyword.

Create SMS Quiz Contest With This Simple Steps :

1. Just register yourself at our Long Code service.
2. Login and add a new Keyword to your account say QUIZ
3. Now create Four sub-keywords as  A , B, C, D
4. Thats it ! Now publish your keyword and Long code number to your viewers
e.g “What is the capital of India ? A-New Delhi, B- Kolkata, C- Chennai or D-Banaglore. SMS QUIZ <space> <Your option such as A/B/C/D> and send it to 09639566677 ”
5.  Now its the result time . Once the contest is finished, go to Reports – Datewise –Remember to check the Include sub-keyword option to view all entries.
6. Click on Export to Excel and results are there in your hand with the mobile numbers and answers.
Thats it.