Top 5 SMS Marketing Use Case

This is the ERA of digitalization; more and more people give their business a digital touch and try every possible tech way to grow their business.
They are investing in new age Social media marketing, email marketing but the smart one never ignore SMS marketing.
No matter how much technology evolves; SMS marketing will never go out of the fashion.
The numbers of growing mobile market show that SMS marketing becomes more famous in coming future.

Below are Some best SMS marketing example:

Sales/Lead generation: With SMS marketing one can drive more traffic in sales funnel and crack more deals with fewer follow-ups. SMS is the only marketing channel that provides open rates up to 90%.
With such a type of response make SMS marketing more reliable and user-friendly when your message directly drops in your customer pocket.
Marketing Campaigns: In any product selling cycle; marketing is the main pillar. And as we all know people are becoming more tech savvy and becoming more technology friendly.
But in marketing, there is one phrase that says; to get more sales you need to Connect with “targeted customers”.
No matter which marketing channel one is using, to get sales one need to make Connect with targeted customers.
In email marketing and social media marketing, open rates and conversion is not
But, in SMS marketing you need to just get your targeted customer in your opt-in list and you are all set to get open-rates around 90% compared to 30% to 35% in email marketing.

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Verification: SMS is widely used in a verification process. From banking sector to social media giants like facebook and twitter rely on SMS for their verification process.
Security is one of the most important concerns in verification process among service providers and consumers. SMS is the safest communication medium to send such sensitive data like OTP, account information or password.
Appointment/Reminder: For every organization; to deal with appointment task is very hectic and it often ends with miscommunication and misunderstanding. To complete this task with ease SMS is the best option.

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Short Surveys/Feedback: SMSs are the best and quick option when it comes to collect data or feedbacks. Feedback via SMS is the best practice for any business to get noticed in your customer’s eyes. This would also help to improve your service.
SMS is also a great and way to run a survey. This also helps to build a new customer base.
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