SMSLane provides easy to integrate and easy to use Free SMS API (http API) for developers to integrate it in their CRM. We also have SAP integration guidelines. Read How to integrate SMS in SAP. Our API supports both GET and POST methods.

Use of http SMS API into your application requires a simple approval by your account manager. All you need is just send us an API activation request to mentioning your username/email id. 

SMSLane provides API for sending promotional and transactional SMS. API structure for promotional and transactional SMS are similar except one additional parameter (gwid=2) required in case of transactional SMS. Ignoring this parameter may result in sending the SMS via promotional gateway and you may also get an error of “Insufficient Balance” if you do not have sufficient promotional SMS balance in your SMSLane account.

API structure and Parameter details are explained in the following section:

Promotional SMS :

Single Message

Multiple Messages,919898xxxxxx&sid=SenderId&msg=test%20message&fl=0

Transactional SMS :

We highly recommend reading transactional SMS guide before using transactional SMS

Note :
1) Add one additional parameter gwid=2 in existing API as per example given below.
2) Kindly make sure your Senderid (sid) id and templates (msg) are approved in message text.
3) Download file to check how to integrate template and replace variable in message text.

Single Message

Multiple Messages,919898xxxxxx&sid=SenderId&msg=test%20message&fl=0&gwid=2

Parameter Details

user: Your login username.
password: Your API password. This is different from your login password. You can view this password in your profile section
msisdn: Single mobile number or multiple mobile numbers separated by comma(12 digits with 91 e.g 919898123456).
sid: Approved sender id(Only 6 characters).
msg: Your message content (Maximum 459 characters including space. Considered as 3 messages).
fl: if message to be delivered as Flash  then pass the value as 1 else 0
gwid: Gateway id 1 of promotional (default) and 2 for Transactions route.
Note: Only 100 mobile numbers are allowed in every http request.

Schedule SMS :

DateTime formate will be 23-12-2017-14-50

Group SMS :

groupid = Your group Id (Login to your account and click on Manage Groups to find your groupid)

For Unicode Message (Local language message such as Hindi/Marathi/Gujarati/Tamil/Telgu) :परीक्षण संदेश &fl=0&dc=8

dc=8 :- Kindly add this additional parameter for unicode message.

Check Delivery API :

Response : #DELIVRD

Delivery API with Date Time Stamp

type=1 :- Kindly add this additional parameter for getting the Delivery Time of SMS.
Response : #DELIVRD | 3/9/2017 2:28:31 PM

Credit Blance API :

Transactional :

Response : Success#177

Note: Only the above-defined validations are performed at the server side. All other validations for any parameter are required to be handled at the client side explicitly.

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