Smslane provides one of the most efficient service in which sending of messages while you are offline to a large group in one go even using a regular phone without internet.

One to many sms is basically a type of group sms in which same message is broadcasted to a large number of recipients without login to any system.This is also called offline SMS. Before sending sms to multiple people you need to create groups in the control panel (Smslane Dashboard). This is a one time exercise. Every groups are assocaited with a unique id which you need to remember while using one to many SMS in future.

All you need is to send a single message in a specified format to a virtual number, which will do rest of the things for you. It may be noted that your account will be billed based on total number of recepient in the group and length of the message.

Format for sending One to Many SMS just type

GP {GroupID} {Your Message} and sent it to 955877XXXX

e.g GP 110 Tomorrow shool will be closed due to heavy rain.

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